Call any mobile/landline phone numbers within 50,000 international networks at super low rates. SeaChat lets you call anyone, anywhere cheaply and easily.


Audio Calls

SeaChat is the best option to call and text over WiFi or data plan without using your cell units. SeaChat allows you to make free phone calls, chat, share photos, add emoji, and make conference calls.


SeaChat Free Chat and Group Chat

Call your friends and family anywhere in the world! Experience why SeaChat is the highest quality service on the market. With rates that rival anyone.


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TOP Destinations

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USD 0.0189/min

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USD 0.0794/min

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USD 0.009/min

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USD 0.0198/min

Cheap International Calls

Make international calls at the lowest rates to anywhere in the World.

Unlimited calls to both mobile and land lines.

  • No Connection Fee
  • Premium Rate Service
  • No Hidden Fee
  • 100% Quality Guarantee
SeaChat Cheap International Calls

SeaChat is a Cross-Platform App

From Research Scientists

Seachat is a cross-platform app that supports HD audio and video calls, chat, texts messages, cheap international calls to anywhere in the world.

To call non-Seachat landline or mobile phone numbers buy one of the minute plans or just use our “pay as you go” attractive rates.

Unique Features

  • Free Calling

    Why pay for calls? Talk to your friends on SeaChat for free! No hidden charges

  • Free Group Chat

    It’s always fun to be in touch with all your friends. Stay connected with all your buddies

  • Emoticons

    A picture says more than a thousand words. Share your mood with cool emoticons

SeaChat IM App
  • Attachments

    SeaChat is not just fun. You can use it to share work or assignments as attachments

  • Multiplatform Support

    Be it Android, iPhone, or Window PC. SeaChat is available everywhere

  • Endless list of Features

    Click to view all more exciting features of SeaChat

Available on App Store and Google Play

Pretty Sweet Right? Download it for free Today!

SeaChat App
SeaChat App
SeaChat App
Video Calls

Free HD Quality Audio and Video Calls

With SeaChat HD audio/video calls, you get to see your friends as if they are right beside you. All SeaChat calls are HD compatible.

Quality interaction is the core of SeaChat. Talk to your friends on SeaChat for free! No hidden charges.