SeaChat is a new and powerful mobile communication tool that turns your mobile phone to mobile office. It supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages. You can make Free SeaChat to SeaChat audio and video calls, very low SeaChat to external mobile number calls and also do group chats, this is the 1st mobile communication tool that offers all features in one platform.


If you want to reduce your phone bill and be always in touch with your friends, wherever you are, SeaChat is the best solution for you. Why you should choose us? Because we have a lot of features that are far superior to those presently in the market. Our app offers HD quality audio and video calling, so you can talk face-to-face with everyone for free, even when you’re in a completely different country. When you use SeaChat you can send photo, video and audio files during a conversation to all your friends. You can also personalize your SeaChat. You can create a personalized avatar to use as your public profile picture or share your status with your friends. SeaChat is showing who from your contacts is online and who is offline. A status symbol is displayed next to a contact’s name in the contact list, so you know when is the best time to contact them.


No, SeaChat is absolutely free and doesn’t require any additional purchase. SeaChat lets you make free phone calls, video calls, conference calls and send free text messages to your friends. You can contact with any SeaChat user for free, wherever you are*. All you need is WiFi, 3G, EDGE or GPRS. With SeaChat, you can make calls to external mobile number calls at a very low rate.


SeaChat supports Android, iPhone, And Window PC.


You don’t have to register. SeaChat uses your phone number as your identity and lets you make free calls to any of SeaChat users using their phone numbers unlike skype or facebook*.


When you’ve downloaded our app, you should next sign in to SeaChat. Please, enter your phone number and press REQUEST SMS, you will get a free SMS with code. This code verifies that nobody else signs in using your phone number. Sometimes there might be a few minutes delay. If the SMS has not arrived, press BACK BUTTON and request the SMS again. If the problem with receiving the SMS appears three times in a row press request the SMS again. This time we’ll call you back and our system will tell you the code. Please be prepared and have something to write the code down. If there is still a problem, please write to support@seachat.im

How to make free calls and chats?

In order to make free calls the other person has to have the SeaChat app installed on his/her smartphone or tablet or PC. Those friends who use SeaChat will appear with a status icon next to their picture in the Contacts menu in SeaChat. The icon shows presence and also indicates that you can use all free communication features like free call, free video, free chat and sending attachments. If you do not see any contact with the status icon it means that no one from your contacts uses SeaChat yet. In this case just let your friends know about SeaChat, when they join to SeaChat you will be instantly notified and they will appear as SeaChat contact.

Can I use SeaChat on a tablet?

Yes, with SeaChat for tablet, you can make free voice calls and video calls, call mobiles and landlines, send instant messages, and share files with other people on SeaChat.

Seachat Out! Where can I see the rates?

If you use dialpad, you can see rate for actual number. All rates you can check in SeaChat app, in tab “Account” or on our website: https://seachat.im/rate

How do you bill calls?

It is per second, rates are shown per minute.

What does SeaChat require?

SeaChat works on Android, iPhone, iOS, and Window PC that has a data connection. It has been tested on WiFi and multiple carriers’ cellular networks (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA1X, 3G).